Sunday, November 23, 2008

FtW Round Table: Painting cool white

Ok I start out with a nice undercoat of Chaos Black. Make sure this is applied thinly to the mini/area.

Next I go over with couple of times with Shadow Grey, again making sure that these coats are the consistency of milk. Because we want as much detail as we can possibly have.

Right, You’ve done all that? Easy?

Good cause this is the part is where most people fall down so I’m going to highlight the key problems people have when painting white.

They tend to go all goopy with the pain because they cannot achieve the right opacity, which is a shame when you’ve done all this prep work for the white and never capitalize on it

Paint is too thin. I used to fall into this category, for me it is hard to get the right consistency with white. It’s really a harsh Mistress that does not let you get away with adding too little or to much water/paint-retarder.

Brushstrokes. Also white tends to misbehave when painting with a hard bristled brush, especially when painting over a dark colour —yes I spell color that way.
And when the paint has been made too thin showing. All of this results in where you make a brushstroke, the base colour showing through.

Then give a 1-2 washes of Arsumen Blue to the recesses of the armour.

And Volia done :P

† - Ok i dont have a camera avaliable at the moment but will "aquire" one within the next couple of day, ill post them as soon as i can. so ive chucked in one of my WIP tactical marines that im working on ATM as some place holders. o.O

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