Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raven Guard Picking's

Well thanks to ++ FROM THE WARP ++ for there really informative article Plundered from WeeToySoldiers, Now i actually got my camera to behave and do what i tell it to for a change.

Ok this is my Raven Guard Sergeant, I was quite happy how the NMM turned out being my first try at it. also dont worry about the Templar cross on the thigh armour, i was just brushing up on freehand crosses.

I am a huge fan of Commander Y's Templar's and you can get a great cross tutorial here.

Took a lot of inspiration from them they may only be gaming quality for Comm. Y but i think they strike the right balance between quality and quantity.

I'm leaning toward the whole 5 man squad having 3 Thunderhammers and storm shields, alongside 2 Lighting claws so that way i get the benefit of mixed armour (3+ inv save) while also making them far more punchier in Close combat.

Basically I'm going for a "Pure" raven guard force based of the IA written many moons ago, with lots of scouts and many rapid response elements tied into the list, with a whirly thrown in there for good measure.



  1. Nice job on the freehand and the chest eagle looks great.

  2. I love raven guard but there tactics aren't really my style. I like the eldar type of thing using combonations to take out units in spectacular style