Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transforming Landspeeder Done!

Well i have to say, this speeder was just a dream to paint. Don't you love it when everything goes right and you are just enjoying painting for what it is?

I plan on adding around about 4-5 more to my list, and maybe a couple of Storms.

Other than that ill just let the pics do the rest of the talking!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tactical Squad Nox Complete!

Ok so after many nights thinking, i came up with an effective paint scheme for basing my Raven Guard. After basing with masonry sand I used the cork basing technique from the painting corps to add realistic looking rocks.

The base was then given a coat of Scorched Brown, followed by dry brush of Vallejo Desert Yellow, Vermin Brown and finally Bonewhite in small patches.

To Make the base pop i added GW razorwire along with GF9's Aird stactic grass.

I think overall, the mini's turned out quite well and im looking forward to getting into my scouts, as my next unit.

Since my last post got pushed off the FtW's homepage too quickly. Could i ask everyone to have a look at my 1K pt list...


Hope you like them, comments as allways welcome. and if you have a blog and want to be on my blogroll just say so, and ill add you.

Next up

† Painted all variant landspeeder
†Drop Pod

Friday, June 19, 2009

Raven Guard List 1K - † Needs help †

So i've been thinking about my list lately, i'm fighting a 1K point battle in a couple of weeks, and want to be prepared for it.

Its just a friendly game so i didnt want to make it a tournament style list.

So here it is...

1K Raven Guard list ver .5

Bolt pistol, Force weapon

Tactical Squad x10
plasma gun, ML

Drop Pod
locator beacon

Scout squad x 10
Sniper rifles, ML, Camo

Scout squad x 10
Bolters, HB

Typhoon, HB

Dev squad x 5
PC x 2, HB x 2

Hunter Killer.

Any tweaks i can put in there? i have not played a game of 40K for quite some time. So i think the list would be a little bit off.

I'm also trying to play them fairly true to there fluff (lots of scouts, not much armor).

I have another tactical squad laying around that i could put in right away, as well as a Termi Assault squad. everything else id have to buy.

Id love to hear some feedback on the list