Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Product Review: Vallejo Paints

After some rather extensive tracking down of these paints i actually found some in Melbourne.

Finally, I've got some in my hot little hands.

And i have to say believe the hype on these little bottle's of pure opacity and WIN!

First of all its not like your standard GW/P3 flip up lids, they are eye dropper bottles. I've found it very easy to work out paint mixing ratio's with these bottles.

They also cost less than GW/Citadel paints and you get more paint for your money. Vallejo costing $5 AUD for 17ml and Citadel costing $6 AUD for 12ml.

But onto the paint.

First of all these are a lot thinner than GW paints. there not gloopy and can be applied to a mini straight out of the bottle. you really don't expect to get much out of one drop, but in actual fact you do.

Also the strength of pigment in Vallejo paints is just quite mind bending, seeing the paint's strength firsthand, its like having your brain smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.

I bought the Game colour "hot orange" and i must say it takes the GW version (fiery orange) out the back and gives it a good hiding, and a couple of good kicks in the teeth and stomach for good measure. then returns to the bar non chalantly and finishes up by having a couple of drinks.

They very much smell like tattoo ink, so I'm thinking that has to be good.

It the coverage is also very good with the orange covering black in just one coat.

So if your in Melbourne Head over to Mind Games at 244 Swanston st Melbourne.

They stock both Game/model colour lines, as well as P3 and Reaper paints. And have big packs of Greenstuff for $25 bucks too! :p

† - Just for all of you Australian Gamers out there here is also an online store that sells Vallejo paints I'ts called Eureka miniatures . And the Green stuff was through Gale force 9 but purchased through mind games Melbourne.
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