Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simple Green? Not so Simple to find...

Ok, well we Australian war gamers have quite a dilemma on our hands.

You see it all starts from the reality that simple green is not so simple to find down under. Yes yes its really easy to get in the states or the UK, but in Aus you have to Garrote someone From ASIO just to find out where to find it.

You can go to various supermarkets, shops, random house's, black markets, biological testing facilities and still come out with nothing except for your feelings hurt by the sheer elusiveness of Simple Green.

Its enough pent up frustration to have you weeping like a blubbering Sook being picked on in Primary school.

And then I went into Bunnings, walked down the cleaning isle. And i fell to the floor like it was some religious experience Thoughts rushed over me.

This is how they went:

You mean i cant finally strip my old mini's now?

After 5 years of on and off searching i can finally take my ghastly paint jobs off my old Space Wolves and Tau?

I can Use this stuff while also being satisfied that it is biodegradable and steeped with a Non-toxic Aura?

Wait you mean i can spray this stuff in peoples eye and it will Irritate them?

But that's enough outta me.

So Run down to bunnings with $10 bucks. Go to the cleaning section and it should be there.
If you wanna go down there with about $20 bucks you can get a massive bottle of it on the cheap.
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