Thursday, May 21, 2009

†Magnetizing a Land Speeder†

What you Will Need

4.75 mm rare earth magnets
3mm rare earth magnets
.2 or .3 mm Plasticard/sheet styrene
Plastic Glue
Super Glue
Pin vice or Dremel
3 mm Drill bit
Hobby Knife

OK to start off, Cut out and clean up your speeder kit. Once that is done i painted my interior rater than stuff around trying to get all the fiddly bits in the cockpit. Glue the guys down onto the base of the speeder along with the back of the seat's, and then glue the top of the speeder on.

Cut out the doors and trim the hinge off, take out your 4.75 mm magnets and Super Glue them in.

Now get your sides of the speeder and look at the inside of it there should be two little raised areas beside each side of the door, it is there that you want to cut out thin strips of plasticard and "build up" that area (marked in Purple) . First off Dry Fit your doors onto the side so you know how much to raise the column's by. It took me 3 strips on each to get the right height.

It does not matter if they are too thick pieces and are hanging off the side as you just trim them down to original column size anyhow. Now when both Door arcs are built up, measure across the door and cut out a piece so you can stick it across the doorway and onto the plasticarded area. Remember to trim and excess plasticard hanging over as you don't want any interfering with the backseat of the cockpit when you go to glue in the sides.

Now with you magnet's fitted to the doors, dry fit them. then dab some super glue on the end of your magnet and place it behind the plasticarded panel, make sure you do this step while the door is still dryfitted. The two magnets should line up automatically. once set in place chuck some more super glue on the magnet to give a strong hold. I took an extra measure by greenstuffing over the magnet and onto the plasticard.
(i didnt want to be rageing if it fell off while inside the speeder)

Glue the sides in.

And Finish Construction of the rest of it.


Ok, for the Tornado variant you need your 3 mm magnets.

Drill out a hole in the center of the nose as show below.

Make Sure the Polarity is Right in this step. Dry fit and test before gluing

Take your weapon housing and Drill Out the Middle Glue in your Magnet, and do the same to the back of it.

Now all it takes is outfitting the Weapons with magnets, this is Pretty self explanatory and i wont go any further. The most important thing is common sense and always make sure you check the polarity of magnets before gluing anything down.

† And there you have it, hope this is helpful and can also save you some cash during your time in the WH40K hobby



What a hectic couple of days, Ive been painting like a madman over the past 2 weeks, and I've been really getting stuck into my Raven Guard. Ive fully magnetized my Devastators and they are just awaiting a coat of paint. Ive got my second pod in the wings. The weathering on my Drop Pod is almost complete, as well as the freehand/stencil/weathering on my Modular Whirlwind.

I really hope i can finish up this army quickly before the Wolves hit the stores (im a long time Wolf player). But at the moment I'm quite enjoying painting all my guys. Im also itching for a game, but do not want to play until its all painted.

I also won a Bet with my girlfriend that if i beat one of the Muse songs on expert in Rock Band, she would buy me something from GW. so naturally i payed my butt off and just managed to scrape through at the end of the song ( i was failing miserably all the way Through).

So i WON a Landspeeder!

And that's what I'm really happy about! Ive magnetized it all. It can switch between a Typhoon, Tornado or just a regular little ol' speeder.

I will post a tutorial on how to do this, just cause i can, as soon as i acquire some batteries for my camera.

† So what are your experiences with magnets is it a love hate relationship like i have?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Army Painter: RED MODE!


My little Brother of 10 years of age wants to start an space marine army so naturally, like all 10 year old's he chooses Blood angels.

After about 10 minutes of showing him "Alternate" Chapters (still BA Successors tho)

He decided to go for Flesh Tearers. (He has good Taste)

Now, to stop him from doing to many steps, i made him watch the Army painter Spray video. And now I'm Particularly interested in the Blood Red Spray that they have.

He wants the Dark crimson red instead of the "preppy queer eye for the Astarte's guy" red.

Me not exactly being a pro on painting red, how would one darken the blood red spray down to a more of a red gore/ scab red colour?

† Im wanting something like these †

Has any one got Experience with Army painter sprays? are they even any good?

Thanks in advance!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Workspace Round up!

Hello everyone,

Due to fickle powers of Chaos i couldn't really contribute to the FtW b bloggers group for a very long time.

Until now! (cue evil laughter)

So I've got a some projects on my painting table at the moment.


Ok to Break it down:

† Light Green: all of my magnetized Devastator Weapons.
† Purple: My WIP drop pod, just need to finished weathering and magnetize the weapons
† Red: WIP whirlwind, just highlighting and turret to go.
† Magenta: Good old plastic Glue
† Light Blue: Zap-a-Gap superglue
† Yellow: Vallejo Paints
† Pink: Girlfriends Nids
† Skin: The test raven guard
† Brown: Raven guard Commander and WIP Dev
† Dark Blue: Money for buying Minis
† Light purple: Vitamin C.... Delicious!
† Dark Green: Smirnoff Double Black, needed for those long painting days.

So Fellow FtW bloggers whats on your painting table?