Monday, May 4, 2009

Workspace Round up!

Hello everyone,

Due to fickle powers of Chaos i couldn't really contribute to the FtW b bloggers group for a very long time.

Until now! (cue evil laughter)

So I've got a some projects on my painting table at the moment.


Ok to Break it down:

† Light Green: all of my magnetized Devastator Weapons.
† Purple: My WIP drop pod, just need to finished weathering and magnetize the weapons
† Red: WIP whirlwind, just highlighting and turret to go.
† Magenta: Good old plastic Glue
† Light Blue: Zap-a-Gap superglue
† Yellow: Vallejo Paints
† Pink: Girlfriends Nids
† Skin: The test raven guard
† Brown: Raven guard Commander and WIP Dev
† Dark Blue: Money for buying Minis
† Light purple: Vitamin C.... Delicious!
† Dark Green: Smirnoff Double Black, needed for those long painting days.

So Fellow FtW bloggers whats on your painting table?
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