Thursday, May 21, 2009



What a hectic couple of days, Ive been painting like a madman over the past 2 weeks, and I've been really getting stuck into my Raven Guard. Ive fully magnetized my Devastators and they are just awaiting a coat of paint. Ive got my second pod in the wings. The weathering on my Drop Pod is almost complete, as well as the freehand/stencil/weathering on my Modular Whirlwind.

I really hope i can finish up this army quickly before the Wolves hit the stores (im a long time Wolf player). But at the moment I'm quite enjoying painting all my guys. Im also itching for a game, but do not want to play until its all painted.

I also won a Bet with my girlfriend that if i beat one of the Muse songs on expert in Rock Band, she would buy me something from GW. so naturally i payed my butt off and just managed to scrape through at the end of the song ( i was failing miserably all the way Through).

So i WON a Landspeeder!

And that's what I'm really happy about! Ive magnetized it all. It can switch between a Typhoon, Tornado or just a regular little ol' speeder.

I will post a tutorial on how to do this, just cause i can, as soon as i acquire some batteries for my camera.

† So what are your experiences with magnets is it a love hate relationship like i have?
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