Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Army Painter: RED MODE!


My little Brother of 10 years of age wants to start an space marine army so naturally, like all 10 year old's he chooses Blood angels.

After about 10 minutes of showing him "Alternate" Chapters (still BA Successors tho)

He decided to go for Flesh Tearers. (He has good Taste)

Now, to stop him from doing to many steps, i made him watch the Army painter Spray video. And now I'm Particularly interested in the Blood Red Spray that they have.

He wants the Dark crimson red instead of the "preppy queer eye for the Astarte's guy" red.

Me not exactly being a pro on painting red, how would one darken the blood red spray down to a more of a red gore/ scab red colour?

† Im wanting something like these †

Has any one got Experience with Army painter sprays? are they even any good?

Thanks in advance!
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