Friday, June 19, 2009

Raven Guard List 1K - † Needs help †

So i've been thinking about my list lately, i'm fighting a 1K point battle in a couple of weeks, and want to be prepared for it.

Its just a friendly game so i didnt want to make it a tournament style list.

So here it is...

1K Raven Guard list ver .5

Bolt pistol, Force weapon

Tactical Squad x10
plasma gun, ML

Drop Pod
locator beacon

Scout squad x 10
Sniper rifles, ML, Camo

Scout squad x 10
Bolters, HB

Typhoon, HB

Dev squad x 5
PC x 2, HB x 2

Hunter Killer.

Any tweaks i can put in there? i have not played a game of 40K for quite some time. So i think the list would be a little bit off.

I'm also trying to play them fairly true to there fluff (lots of scouts, not much armor).

I have another tactical squad laying around that i could put in right away, as well as a Termi Assault squad. everything else id have to buy.

Id love to hear some feedback on the list
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